Community Involvement

Barrington Consulting Group has a long history of contributing to community development.

In fact, Contribution, is one of our corporate values and we endeavour to make a positive contribution to society through our work.

We have served more than 50 non-profit organisations and have provided sponsorship or pro bono services to:

  • Anglicare WA
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors
  • Committee for Perth
  • Curtin University Social Enterprise Competition
  • ICEA
  • RSPCA (WA)
  • The McCusker Alzheimer’s Research Foundation
  • WA Ballet
  • WA Sports Federation
  • WA Symphony Orchestra
  • WA Wheel Chair Sports
  • Western Australia Music Industry Association


Artificial Intelligence way forward for WA

By John Barrington (published in The West Australian on 3 August 2017)

My entrepreneurial father questioned my decision to pursue a career in information technology in the early eighties. Computers, he said, would become a workplace menace, killing jobs and creating an underclass of unemployed.