Barrington Consulting Group has 15 years of experience implementing Argenti in corporate, government and non-profit organisations




Barrington has 15 years experience implementing Argenti, the strategic planning system chosen by leading corporate, government and community based organisations around the world.

Argenti, by design, is a highly robust system that results in a well-articulated strategic plan that is straightforward to implement.  Barrington bring to the process a breadth of experience with the Argenti System and well-honed facilitation skills.

Along with our detailed knowledge of Argenti, we bring a fresh perspective, leaving your team free to engage fully in the process while being certain that you are moving swiftly towards the practical outcomes you’ve been looking for.

The Argenti System covers all aspects of planning, from defining the purpose of your organisation through to establishing reporting and monitoring framework to track progress of your strategy.  With Barrington plus Argenti your team’s understanding and commitment to the strategic direction of your organisation will be reinvigorated.

Video: Watch Michael Chaney on the power of Argenti



Artificial Intelligence way forward for WA

By John Barrington (published in The West Australian on 3 August 2017)

My entrepreneurial father questioned my decision to pursue a career in information technology in the early eighties. Computers, he said, would become a workplace menace, killing jobs and creating an underclass of unemployed.