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 The Debate - the year ahead

 (AICD Company Director Dec 2015-Jan 2016)                                                    


 An Art Form

 (AICD Company Director July 2015)                                                                   


 Plotting the Future

 (AICD Company Director March 2014)                                                                 


 Under the Microscope

 (AICD Company Director Vol 29 Issue 09)                                                            



Inside the Tent

By John Barrington

A respected colleague was recently appointed CEO of a significant organisation and had been invited onto the board. While delighted with the CEO role she was apprehensive about the directorship. With the humbleness that holds many a talented person back, she was questioning if she could really add value to what is a high profile board.

Diamond Directors

By John Barrington

Board skills matrices usually define the technical capabilities required around the boardroom table but often fail to capture what is required in terms of personal traits. Excellence in directors is a little like beauty: we know it when we see it but it is difficult to define.