• "Barrington Consulting provided
  • “The depth of Argenti experience needed to coach the Barminco team through this process to develop a detailed strategy for the business.”
    Peter Stokes, Chief Executive Officer, Barminco
  • “Understanding the issues and identifying the methodology appropriately.”
    Debbie Karasinski, Chief Executive Officer, Senses Australia
  • “The Strategic Framework and Strategic Planning Process Barrington developed was very effective. The process led to very good strategy development for the EPA board and clear linking of initiative and actions in the OEPA's Corporate Plan to address the EPA's key strategies.”
    Kim Taylor, General Manager, Office of the Environmental Protection Authority
  • “Having done quite a few of these types of exercises over the years, I can honestly say I found this process to be one of the most fulfilling, due in no small part to your efforts to understand the complexities of our business.”
    Dr Paul Vogel, Chairman, Environmental Protection Authority
  • “The(Argenti) process fosters a real sense of ownership and has a positive effect on morale.”
    Michael Chaney, Ex-Chairman, Wesfarmers Ltd
  • “As Chief Executive, I know that the Barrington process resulted in a dramatically improved working relationship between the board and the management of the business.”
    Michael Malone, CEO, iiNet Ltd
  • “In reviewing the performance of Perilya’s board, this journey of exploration accurately identified the key issues and built a clear path forward in the minds of the directors.”
    Patrick O’Connor, Non-Executive Deputy Chairman, Perilya Ltd
  • “… the work undertaken by Barrington Consulting Group has been very effective and has helped the Board to identify key strategic issues affecting the industry and same of the things industry believes the BCITF could undertake to address those issues.”
    Ian Hill, Chairman, BCIT Board
  • “The results of Barrington have led to a clear framework that provides Silver Chain with an operating direction and coherent link to our day to day business.”
    Christopher McGowan, Chief Executive Officer, Silver Chain
  • “Barrington’s have made a substantial contribution to our Strategic Plan.”
    Lyle Kenny, Property Development Manager, Perron Group
  • “Thank you for your excellent contribution to the effectiveness and sustainability of Surf Life Saving into the future …… sincere thanks for the valued and in-kind contributions you have made to bring the project report on time and on budget.”
    Ron Rankin AM, President, Surf Life Saving Australia
  • “…the resultant plan will enable Treasury Corporation to move forward into the future with clear strategic direction.”
    Tim Marney, Chairman, Western Australia Treasury Corporation
  • “…the manner with which you were able to keep the focus on the strategic issues was critical to our success and was a reflection on the professionalism you demonstrated ...”
    Louise Law, Head of Strategy, Chamber of Commerce and Industry