About Us

We are a diversely skilled collaborative team serving the executives and boards of corporate, not-for-profit, and government organisations.

We apply specialist knowledge of strategy and governance to deliver practical outcomes. Our clients talk to us when they face high impact decisions, when they seek ways to drive performance, and when they want to determine the best direction for their organisation. Our clients value our understanding of their specific needs.

Our Values


Our word is our bond and we act with an authenticity that is defined by our openness and honesty.  We strive always to do the right thing.



Our intent is to make a positive contribution to society. We will endeavour to make a broader contribution in all our efforts.


We have a passion for learning and sharing our knowledge with others and recognise that the best results come from working together.



Our business is to serve clients. We are responsive in our approach in order to best meet their needs. At the forefront of our mind is the question, “What is best for the client?”


We take our work very seriously but not ourselves.  We are here to serve our clients first and foremost and everything we do is focused on delivering the best possible outcome to their needs.  We have chosen our profession as a vocation, not a job.  We are proud of what we do, believe we can make a difference and ensure that all elements of our consulting practice meet the highest possible standards at all times. 





The Future of Work

The Future of Work

By John Barrington

Speech delivered to CEDA Future of Work Forum, Perth, Western Australia, 6 April 2018

The future is already here. Just ask those workers already affected by technological change.

Lessons unis teach go beyond job-ready skills

Lessons unis teach go beyond job-ready skills

By John Barrington

Detractors are lining up to criticise our universities. The Australian Industry Group last week warned that the tertiary sector was not keeping up with the needs of business and was producing graduates who were almost unemployable because they lacked skills.