What Makes Me Smile


I like this time of year. Christmas time. The festive season. Whether you are religious or not, it is a time of some joy and an opportunity for reflection.

The joyous experiences are often the little things such as when shopkeepers and staff say, “Merry Christmas” as you pick up your goods off the counter. Today I saw a Transperth bus with the electronic sign on the front displaying the words Merry Christmas and with a little pixilated Christmas Tree. That made me smile as I was driving to work.

It is also a time for reflection and John Lennon captured it well when he sung,

“So this is Christmas. And what have you done. Another year over. And a new one just begun.”

What have you done? What have you achieved? Who have you helped? What has your organisation done, achieved and who has it helped? This is not a strategic review or a beat up session. It is just an opportunity to pause a moment, be still and reflect. And perhaps think about how you might be better next year and how your organisation might also make a greater contribution to those who it serves.

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